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limingtiger November 2, 2005 04:04

problems when running subroutine
when i try to run an example with following programm, the warning message haapened in the end. how can i deal with it. thank you!

ctab,1,fluid,2, ctname,1,water vc3d,0,1,10,0,1,10,0,2,20 cset all $ cplo rdef,1,inle bzon,1,, $bset,add,bran,1,mxb !SCRN, 0 3.9559 6.6254 !SCRN, 0 9.5011 6.6431 !SCRN, 0 9.5011 1.0424 !SCRN, 0 3.7086 1.0424 !SCRN, 0 4.0088 6.6078 view,reverse $repl rdef,2,outl bzon,2,, $bset,add,bran,37,mxb !SCRN, 0 3.9205 9.9293 !SCRN, 0 3.9205 4.9470 !SCRN, 0 9.6247 5.0707 !SCRN, 0 9.4835 9.9293 !SCRN, 0 3.8852 9.9293 cdisp,on,breg cplot pmat,1,fluid,AIR dens,constant,1.205 lvis,constant,1.81e-05 spec,constant,1006 cond,constant,0.02637 pmat,1,fluid turb,ke,1,stan lowre,off coke,0.09,1.44,1.92,1.44,-0.33,0.419,1,1.219,0.9,,, pmat,1,fluid moni,1 pres,1.e+05,1 tdatum,273 system ufiles usub,write $BCDEFI time,single,nodefa,const,5 ,rate lstep,1,100 ,const,5 ,n,0,1 cpost,t,t,t,f,t,t,f,f,f,f,f,f,f,f iter,100 lstep,1,100 ,const,5,n,0,1 save,star1.mdl geom,star1.geom,1,binary,check,serial, prob,star1.prob,binary geom,star1.geom,1,bina,check prob,star1.prob,bina close,star1.drp

I actived the parameters U=10, V=10, Z=10 in subrutine BCDEFI. But when I ran the the program, it exited with the following warnings:

linking single precision sequential executable "star.exe" with user subroutines… WARNING:Command execution error. Please check screen output for details Starin.f compile error. Exiting starlink. C:/Program Files/CD-adapco/STAR-CD_V3150A/wingnu/bin/basename.exe: too few arguments Try C:/Program Files/CD-adapco/STAR-CD_V3150A/wingnu/bin/basename.exe:--help' for more information. C:/Program Files/CD-adapco/STAR-CD_V3150A/ bin/starlink[725]:[:Absoft 62: unexpected operator/operand C:/Program Files/CD-adapco/STAR-CD_V3150A/ bin/starlink[725]:[:Absoft 70: unexpected operator/operand F77:error switch '_f' is ambiguous D:\sartcd>pause Press any key to continue…

4xF November 2, 2005 06:10

Re: problems when running subroutine
Do you have by chance the ABSOFT compiler installed on your system? If not, please get it and/or install it correctly.

limingtiger November 2, 2005 20:29

Re: problems when running subroutine
I installed the compact fortran, is this software proper for the star-cd?

Tom November 3, 2005 03:01

Re: problems when running subroutine
no, not at all

you have to use absoft

maybe there is a way to use the compact fortran compiler, but i would never go in this direction.

A general recommendation for YOU:

YOU should read the installation manual of STAR-CD after this you should have a look at the tutorials in parallel you should have a look at the manuals

this would be 'the' normal way to get familiar with a software

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