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yanko November 6, 2005 03:59

induced drag calculation
Hi, Do anybody know how to get the induced drag coefficient from StarCD ? Please Help!

tomosada November 10, 2005 11:42

Re: induced drag calculation
you can use the "acoeff" of STAR-CD command.

Very simple to get.

yanko November 14, 2005 07:33

Re: induced drag calculation
Acoeff calculates drag and lift based on near field values and output the form drag coefficient (form drag = pressure + viscous) by integrating the total force on the selected surfaces, what I'd like to know is the vortex drag (also called induced drag), the additional drag component generated by any 3D lifting body (wing, rear-front spoiler etc...). Any solution in Star? Thanks.

Anton S. Lyaskin November 15, 2005 05:11

Re: induced drag calculation
Calculate the drag at zero lift conditions and then subtract it from the results of the first simulation - this will be quiet close to the induced drag value

yanko November 16, 2005 09:55

Re: induced drag calculation
it doesn't solve the problem...if I calculate the drag at zero lift conditions and subtract it from the results of the first simulation I will get the profile drag component of the total "drag due to lift" and not the induced drag form the wing-tip vortices. I can use a Trefftz plane downstream and perform some integration to derive the vortex drag, i don't see any integrated solution in Star, if there is one, please let me know!

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