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eos November 11, 2005 09:50

moving mesh problem
Has anyone done a moving mesh analysis with both translation and rotation? for o-type mesh i used the bcs pressure, symmetry and moving wall for which i supply a user defined subroutine everything seems ok but when i start simulation the solution diverges.. any ideas why it is so?

xhliu1 November 13, 2005 22:14

Re: moving mesh problem
Decrease you timestep and try again.

Good Luck!

ramesh November 14, 2005 06:47

FSI Problems
dears users; ist possible solve Fluis-structure interaction problems in STARCD...

regards ramesh

carno November 17, 2005 00:04

Re: moving mesh problem
Look into the pressure under relaxation factor. Typically it should be aroung 0.8 for such problems. Default is 1.

mary jean January 27, 2006 21:42

Re: moving mesh problem
what is mesh?their examples

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