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Tony November 17, 2005 01:36

Which Fortran compiler?
Hi everyone,

I'd like to make user routines but still confused about the compiler. Someone advised Absoft Fortran compiler but I already have MS Fortran 5.1. Does it work with my v3.150A of STAR-CD? Is the compiler somehow linked to STAR-CD or they work separately?



nirmal November 17, 2005 02:05

Re: Which Fortran compiler?
About the compiler which you have, i am not sure whether it works or not. Intel fortran compiler8.1/8.0 does work good luck

Tushar November 17, 2005 02:11

Re: Which Fortran compiler?
Absoft Fortran complier works with all Windows platform , while INtel compiler is for Linux machines. The complier needs to be installed and environmental variables are to be set appropropriately. For windows env variable is ABSOFT. For Linux it is INTEL

Tony November 17, 2005 18:29

Re: Which Fortran compiler?
Thanks guys,

What is the biggest gain of using a separate compiler instead of using STAR-CD built-in file editor?


Moloko November 18, 2005 06:27

Re: Which Fortran compiler?
They are two comletely different things. The editor can edit your user-subroutine (hence the name), but cannot compile it (i.e. translate it into a form your computer can work with). If you want to use your Fortran code you need a compiler, otherwise you can just look at it.

Tony November 18, 2005 19:59

Re: Which Fortran compiler?
Thank you very much for your replies,

I still have a question, could you, pls, share your knowledge?

If I want to change (edit) user-subroutines, which are already given by STAR-CD, can I use only the built-in editor? Or anyway I have to get a compiler to compile the edited files?


matej November 19, 2005 06:44

Re: Which Fortran compiler?

you may edit the routine with any text editor: notepad, pspad,vim,emacs .....

when you want star to use this routine (changed, or original form tutorials), you need compiler which will automatically compile and use the routine. For this you need absoft (for win and linux) compiler (it's not more then about 700$) and set it properly.

You cannot use any compiler, as star is actually compiling the routine only to library and links it to the solver using one chosen compiler. So if you happen to have a fortran compiler, the best you can do is to make the cfd producers to use your compiler.


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