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DrA November 21, 2005 07:35

Howto manually merge a pst-file?
Hello dear starcd-colleagues!

As the subject states, how do I manually merge a pst-file from a parallel run? The automatic merge of the pstt and pst-files failed due to the pstt-file being to large (2 GB on each node... my bad...) In version 3150A there existed a command to do this but I can't seem to find a similair command in v3240, which is what I'm using.

Hope anyone of you can help me.

Kind regards DrA

Kalle November 21, 2005 08:15

Re: Howto manually merge a pst-file?
The following command: $STAR/bin/mergepst will do the trick (make sure that you have sourced your STAR intallation before).

Hubert Janocha December 6, 2005 08:57

Re: Howto manually merge a pst-file?
Yes, that's right. In the new starcd version v3.2x mergepst and mergepstt are no longer in the environment path, but still there (start a search: find /usr/starcd -name "mergepst*")

mergepstt will fail again when you ty it manually, because of the 2GB limitation on 32bit machines.

I do it this way:

- use the "Backup Frequency" in NavCenter for every wanted timestep intervall (e.g. every 5 timesteps). Star writes out a <case>.pst_xxxx (xxxx=timestep) file in each cpu-domain.

- use the mergepst binary to merge this domain-<case>.pst_xxxx-file together timestep for timestep. (Be sure to use the new mergepst, and NOT that one of v3150A !!!)

Possibly you become a little mad for this job. You can write a small c-shell script, containing a loop (over all wanted timesteps) doing that for you (use "if" and "goto" commands).

With this method you can run millions of cells and many many thousends timestep without getting a problem with 2GB.

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