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tristan December 16, 2005 10:54

StarCD and Gambit issues

Further to my previous post, I decided to generate a much more complex mesh in Gambit (hopefully to reduce the overall memory requirements).

I have 2 issues:

1) Importing a *.neu (Gambit neutral file) reads in the mesh fine, but no boundary areas are brought through. This is a real pain as StarCD is pretty rubbish (as far as I can tell) at providing a clear way of setting boundary locations other than pointing and clicking...

2) Importing a *.msh (in a similar process to Fluent) using the "TGRID" command crashes StarCD ("/opt/starcd/PROSTAR/3.24.000/linux_2.4-x86-glibc_2.3.2/bin/prostar: line 243: 10437 Segmentation fault ${PROSTAR}/bin/pro-${PRODR} ${CMAP} ${BATCH} ${ESTOOL} ${RUN_OPTION} ${PROSERV} ")

Does anyone know a way I can bring all the info from Gambit to StarCD, including boundary info?

Or, as an alternative, does anyone know how I can set boundary locations _without_ using the mouse to click on a particular cset? I shall elaborate:

At the minute I can set boundaries using a sequence of commands like this:

cset news gran -0.1 1.1 -1 33 -1 33 cset dele gran -0.1 1.1 6.9 25.1 6.9 25.1 view -1 0 0 cplo vset news edge bfin 2 vx

!click on a vertex

RDEF 2 INLET $ 0.35,0,0,1,0,997.561 RNAME 2 outer

How can I achieve this without having to click?

It may by that combining the import of a *.neu file with commands like these will allow me to circumnavigate the need to bring through the boundary locations from Gambit...

Thanks for any help.


Denizen December 17, 2005 10:25

Re: StarCD and Gambit issues
Create new boundaries using options surface based on edges or surfase based on vset Mabe try new version of gamit. On old version i have similar trouble. Or use ICEM CFD it is mach cooler. Or bulid your mesh in prostar (very powerfull).

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