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Wilesco January 5, 2006 06:34

Plotting raw data values
Hello all,

I'm having a problem getting prostar to display or output the data I want it to display or output.

I am wanting to plot all the vertex or cell centered values at a certain distance from the inlet of my domain. I don't want Prostar to do any interpolation. Just the actual values. Should be simple, but I am going round in circles.

Here is my command set, with explanations commented out using #.

# resetting all the registers so the numbers used later are correct

greset $ Y load,data.pst

# Select all vertices 2 mm from the inlet in a plane halfway across my domain resulting in 1591 vertices in the set.

vset news gran 2 2 16 0 16 16

# For cell centered values I am trying to use this line to add the cells with ANY vertex in the vset to a new cset. This is the bit that doesn't work: the total number of cells in the set is 0.

cset, news, vset, any

# I then go on to manipulate the data values, draw a graph and output the raw data

getc, None ,RSUU oper,v**s,0.5,4,4 oper,smul,1.428571429,4,4 gpost,vset,,,next frame,1,xreg,init,7 frame,1,xtitle,4.3,1.5 $ DISTANCE frame,1,yreg,init,14 frame,1,ytitle,0.5,5.5 $ Y-Title term,,X gdraw,1 sdata, RSUU, 2, 7, 7

Any ideas on how I can get the values that I want?


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