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wayland January 15, 2006 22:30

About Cavitation Model and General setting
Now,I try to use STAR to simulate cavitation in a Venturi nozzle.But,I am confused with some questions,as belows:

Fist, generally,there are three MODELS in the STAR methodology,but it is said that only Barotropic Model is rational for small scale and high pressure Venturi nozzles,however, this model is very diffcult to get divegent,I need some suggestions.

Secondly,how to set the parameters to consider the compressibilty of high-pressure water.

Thirdly,STAR captures the interface using VOF method during the Free Surface simulating, and as the same during the cavitaion simulating? Though CAV+VOF=1, why STAR solve both of them using transport equations, what is these equations?

Finally, I only know the pressures at the inlet and outlet,how to set them? Especially in the compressible situation, how to deal with the wave reflection at the boundaries.

So many questions ,need helps!!!!!!!!1

Thanks a lot!!!

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