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azmir January 16, 2006 20:26

pro-am errors
Is there a limit to the size of model when using pro-am on windows? I seem to be getting meaningless errors when doing surface wrap on v3.24.



I am trying to do surface wrap of a CAD data, 336 K cells. Previously I did similar task (smaller cell count) on UNIX but now using windows for this job. Can UNIX overcome this bug? Long queue for the UNIX server though.

Your experience shared is much appreciated!

sang_seok Lee January 16, 2006 23:06

Re: pro-am errors
hard to make over 150 million cells on window version.. if u wanna make cells under 150million 1st delete param.inp & parm.inp in ur directory.. & restart ur pro-am ..

carno January 17, 2006 01:21

Re: pro-am errors
another option is resize maxpst by command 'memo maxpst' This has hardware limitations. If this does not work you have to delete param.prp and again execute 'prosize', as ditected by sang_seok Lee. Here you can reduce some of the unecessary memory allocations and increase desired memory allocation, without changing hardware configuration. If this also does not work. 'Bad luck' you have to upgrade hardware.

azmir January 17, 2006 05:16

Re: pro-am errors
Hey Thanks. I did the memo maxpst earlier but got another error about "internal prostar memory.. cannot be increased." Someone else mentioned about the need to use Windows 64 bit instead. Pursuing that route now but not sure if it's indeed a root cause. Has someone encountered this 64 bit solution?

I had tried doing the work on the UNIX server and no more error found! Everything worked as they should but a bit slow somehow. So, between the 64 bit and the windows OS, there definitely is a bug in Pro-Am.

I'd prefer to do work on local PC (windows). Can't afford to disrupt everyone else' work on the server too often. Would still appreciate a solution idea on surface wrapping on windows platform.

Ahmed January 17, 2006 05:47

Re: pro-am errors
What file system are you using on your Window computer. If it is FAT32 then you have to reformat your file system to NTFS, FAT32 limits the maximum file size to 4GB, NTFS has no such limit. Check the help system on your Window computer for the details

William Blake January 17, 2006 08:35

Re: pro-am errors
It is very likely not a bug but a limitation of the 32bit platform you are working on.

A workaround would be the use of a PC with EMT_64 extension and the use of a 64 bit linux.

Another option is the use of the latest 32 bit linux version (v326.005) since there are rumours, that the memory requirement was recuced.

azmir January 22, 2006 20:12

Re: pro-am errors
Thanks again. When the error is viewed by our IT dept, they suspected it is due to software bug for the windows version. Because the errror MAXPST is related to post results data and nothing to do with surface wrapping function. How shall I explain the need for 64-bit windows in relation to the irrelevant maxpst error?

William Blake January 23, 2006 04:08

Re: pro-am errors
I doubt that there is a 64bit windows version available at the moment. Did you try the latest version of prostar? It is v326_005. But since you use Windows instead of Linux you have to wait a bit longer to get the latest version :)

azmir January 24, 2006 05:08

Re: pro-am errors
There is! We will get a 64bit windows trial soon. I was informed that the v3.26 for windows have more problem at surface wrapping than v3.24.

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