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starcd_learner February 1, 2006 12:24

post data
hello, the format is terrible, i hope you can read the questions. i have a transient case, with CAVER, i mapped on shells. i plot for e.g. pressure of section, in POST REGISTER 4 the values of these shells are present. i want to write out the maximum and minumum pressure values, in self-defined variable for e.g., (1) MAX_1 = maximum value in POST REGISTER 4 for time step 1 (2) MIN_1 = minimum value in POST REGISTER 4 for time step 1 (3) then i create the the difference DIFF_1 = MAX_1 (minus) MIN_1 (4) with OPER i want the post register 4 values to be normalised through P minus MIN_1 divided by MAX_1 (minus) MIN_1 (5) My questions: how do i save the MAX_I and MIN_I for time steps I ? Can i export these values in a tabular form with OFILE ? (6) i have not understood what the exact commands should be to get the values MAX_1 and MIN_1 (RMAX and RMIN) without using the navigation center. What is the exact command for *GET in this case? (7) How can i automise this for the many time steps i have ?

Thank you for your patience

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