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Antony February 10, 2006 00:00

Parallel processing in star3.24
Hi all!! Can anybody tell me whether it is possible to setup parallel run involving moving mesh with events in star3.24. If so which manual to refer to for setting up the parallel case..

Thank you in advance for responding

Hubert Janocha February 14, 2006 18:06

Re: Parallel processing in star3.24
I hope you don't think of valve and piston movement. That's very tricky to get a good load balance.

There is no official StarCD manual, but perhaps this strategy is explained in the ES-ICE manual (I don't know for sure). ES-ICE is doing that for you, but ES-ICE is expensive.

Otherwise, you have to make a plan by your own which cells should belong to which CPU-domain during the movement. You better take one whole CPU, just only for to calculate the mesh-movement during the run.

Antony February 15, 2006 12:17

Re: Parallel processing in star3.24
Thank you very much Hubert, I'll try the idea...

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