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furkan February 10, 2006 12:08

Hello Everyone

is it possible to restart a pst file before one step. i mean last time step in my pst file is 4001. But i want to restart(Standart) the simulation after time step number 4000 .I know this situation is some strange. Is there any way to do it? Otherwise i have to wait 2 days more to get result which is exactly at time step number 4000. thanks in advence... furkan

Anand February 12, 2006 01:15

analysis controls -> output controls -> ananlysis ouput

output frequency 1 backup frequency 50 (you can go for less than 50 but the memory occupied will be more) so when ever you go for restart analysis use casename.pst_3950 instead of casename.pst_4000

this may help all the best regards anand

furkan February 13, 2006 09:02

Re: Restart
thanks Anand...

Hubert Janocha February 14, 2006 17:57

Re: Restart
I got slight acuracy problems with a restart in transient and periodic cases (engine revolutions). So if there is no reason to stop (possibly writing out results at a certain time), let it be.

When this is your problem, in StarCD v3.2x you can give a time to start wrting out results in a *,pstt file. If the pstt file becomes to big on 32bit mashines , you can write a posdat.f to write out *.pst_<timestep> files.

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