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Laure February 22, 2006 06:38

iges conversion
Dear all,

I have been working on a design for several weeks already, but cannot import it to star-cd. The format is iges, and was created under star-design. I also have a version done under Solid Work which gives the same problem: The error message is the following: "# 320: error in IGES conversion. This error may not be fatal. Check the outuput and the model. " However, the error is fatal...

Thanks to all,


nirmal February 22, 2006 07:39

Re: iges conversion
First you import it in prosurf.Do the surface meshing. ThEN EXPORT IT IN PROAM FOR VOLUME MESH.


Laure February 22, 2006 10:34

Re: iges conversion
Thanks Nirmal for your help. However, it still doesn't work: I created the part under Star-design, saved it as a file.iges , then opened StarSurf to import it. I then meshed the surface, and saved the model both as a "prostar file" or a "iges " file. When I try to open this with Star, for the iges file, I still have the same error message, and for the grid import (using the .cel and .vrt folder), nothing happens... Hope someone has a solution,


Laure February 22, 2006 11:01

Re: iges conversion
And I can't open it with PROAM wich displays the following: Couldn't read file D:\Programmes\....init.tcl : Object is too large for operation. Laure again;)

Laure February 22, 2006 11:41

Re: iges conversion
Well, the problem seems actually to be a problem in launching pro am. I saw that problem on internet, but it has apparently not been solved. Apparently a difficulty from sar am to write in the temp file (according to what was said, but personnaly, I don't have any clue). So, thanks again, Nirmal, but the problem is now more a Star am launch problem. Thanks to you, Regards, Laure

William Wallace February 22, 2006 14:13

Re: iges conversion
I had a very similar problem and found that everything has to be in the same directory including the .iges file.



Jamie February 23, 2006 09:22

Re: iges conversion
Everything needs to be in one directory and that directory needs to be set as your working directory. As for getting the model into pro-am, you can do this:

If you're in star-design, create a surface mesh, then save the model. - In your working directory you will now have a subdirectory that has the same name of the model. In that directory, there will be a .ezs file. This is a pro-surf restart file. Open pro-surf, then open this file. You should see your meshed surface. - in the pro-surf NavCenter, go to Output (last folder I believe). Output your surface to a database (.dbs) file. The file name defaults to star.dbs and the database that it's stored in is 2. - open pro-am with a casename that matches the database file name from above (i.e.). - in pro-am: dbase get 2 cset all cplo

you should see the surface.

The other way is to just import the iges file into pro-surf, generate the grid and then export as outlined above.

Laure February 23, 2006 10:18

Re: iges conversion
Thanks a lot to all of you, especially Jamie for the very clear and detailed explaination. However, I am efraid that my problems start before: I can't even lauch pro-am. I can launch all the others, but for this one, I have the following message: Coudn't read file D:\programmes\CD adapco\STARCD\PROSTAR\3.22\windows-x86\/../data/tcl/init.tcl" : Object is too large for operation on lines 0 in init.tcl I hope, there is something to do...? Thanks again for your help, Laure

Laure February 23, 2006 16:21

Re: iges conversion
Thanks to all again, I'll post another message in another categorie, so that the following people to have the same problem will have a chance to find a solution, I someone eventually finds one! Regards, Laure

Jamie February 25, 2006 10:56

Re: iges conversion
Call your local support office and request a copy of v3.26 for Windows. The problem you are experiencing occurred with v3.22.

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