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matze February 28, 2006 15:14

too many walls??
We have a little problem: Some of our geometries contains a hugh number of walls, eg. 3mio wall faces for 12 mio fluid cells. With some tricks we got the problem to run, but: the mass error grows, inlet and outlet are ok, but a few cells away from inlet all velocities are very small (~10e-6). When checking the results on the screen, the fluid seems flowing through the wall. Who knows this problem? Who knows who to fix it? Thanks to all,


John Luo March 1, 2006 07:52

Re: too many walls??
Did you merge vertices in the model? You can issue "Vmerge ALl" in PROSTAR, then write out geometry again.

matze March 1, 2006 08:13

Re: too many walls??
The vertices are merged. I had a correct running model. Then I deleted some cells in the fluid volume to have some walls inside. Only this few (~50000) deleted cells and extra walls cause the problem.


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