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Konstantinos March 5, 2006 06:31

Increase maxsc2

Could someone please tell me how do I increase maxsc2? I know how to increase the memo maxcut but is there any other way?

Thanks, Konstantinos

Wael March 5, 2006 07:35

Re: Increase maxsc2
Hi. You can increase MAXSC2 like MAXCUT " MEMORY MAXSC2 NUMBER" or in the parm info file you can increase the number and save it..... I noticed that the MAXSC2 is different in the parm info file and the one in the output window "MEMORY LIST ALL", If one of the respected users can inform us about that differenc, it will be good. Wael

Wael March 5, 2006 09:48

Re: Increase maxsc2
sorry not parm.inf

Alex March 5, 2006 17:32

Re: Increase maxsc2
Don't edit, you'll only get yourself into trouble. Use "memo maxsc2 ####" followed by "memo write" which writes out a new, saving the changes for your next session.

Konstantinos March 5, 2006 18:29

Re: Increase maxsc2
Thanks to both of you guys! I havent tried it out yet, but I have the feeling that what you said will work!


Konstantinos March 6, 2006 06:06

Re: Increase maxsc2
Somethine wierd is happening, the program asks for a certain number of maxsc2, although the maxsc2 i have specified is larger than what it asks!!! This is crazy! lol Does anyone know why this could happen?

Thanks, Konstantinos

Konstantinos March 6, 2006 06:19

Re: Increase maxsc2
Hi again,

I get this message:


SET MAXSC2 to at least 13829000 , then re-run (use option -nodecomp in parallel)


SELECT A SMALLER SET OR INCREASE PARAMETER MAXSC2 IN PNP: Shutdown [2006-03-06-10:19:55] Execution aborted by request (SIGABRT) after 168 seconds (TOTAL ELAPSED TIME).

I have tried increasing maxsc2 but it doesnt work, maybe I should try selecting a smaller set, but how do I do that?


Wael March 6, 2006 20:04

Re: Increase maxsc2
Hi. I had the same problem before. I changed the MAXSC2 in the (Also, the value in the file is smaller that in the model. I do not know why) and it work well. I know it is not good to change in the but I do not know other way. If someone know, it will be of great imortance to us. Best wishes. Wael

Konstantinos March 7, 2006 05:19

Re: Increase maxsc2
Yeah, changing it through the output window doesnt have any effect. But even when I change it through , sometimes it changes sometimes it doesnt. I might change it and save it and then for no reason when I run the program it returns to the previous value, or it might just not return and the program runs. But I cant find the pattern about when this happens. Also, in there are two values for maxsc2, should i change both?

TG March 7, 2006 08:34

Re: Increase maxsc2
You guys are confusing with param.prp. param.prp is the size file for prostar and that's the only one that the memory command changes. is size file for star. prostar writes that file and you can't influence what's written. If its not writing a big enough number its probably a bug.

Konstantinos March 7, 2006 08:42

Re: Increase maxsc2
But u cant alter param.prp so what can u do...

TG March 7, 2006 08:48

Re: Increase maxsc2
You can alter param.prp - use the prosize program or do a memo,write after changing an internal prostar memory parameter.

mg March 8, 2006 09:06

Re: Increase maxsc2
A PARAMETER MAXSC2 ist used both for PROSTAR (in file param.prp) and for STAR (

You Change file param.prp using the PROSIZE program or the memory command inside of PROSTAR.

You should'nt change This is written during geomwrite und updated (if necessary) during probwrite. In this case you have a new file that you have to rename in

File will be changed once again during decomposing, if you use a parallel version of STAR. The behaviour in this STEP ist different for STAR 3.15 and STAR 3.2. Which Version are you using ?

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