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Konstantinos March 5, 2006 18:28

ES-AERO Wheel Rotation
Hi again,

In the ES-AERO, where the option for simulation with the wheels rotating?

Thanks, Konstantinos!

Konstantinos March 7, 2006 06:05

Re: ES-AERO Wheel Rotation
For anyone interested, I found it, it in Advanced < es-aero < 5 < ground tyre motion

Arturo March 31, 2006 11:43

Wheel Rotation
I have a problem. I have to do a simulation with Fluent or GID+TDYN. But I don't Know if it is possible simulate the rotation of the wheels. Is it possible? and How?

Sorry for my english, i'm from Spain.

Thank You

my mail is

Ben Bru April 27, 2006 18:34

Re: Wheel Rotation
ES-Aero wheel rotation-> Advanced < es-aero < 5 < ground tyre motion

FYI-I havent actually tried this yet, but I found it when I was looking for it on anouther forum.


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