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Konstantinos March 6, 2006 10:13

Loading data

I get this error message in post processing:


How do i load the wall data?


William Blake March 6, 2006 11:17

Re: Loading data

Konstantinos March 6, 2006 11:52

Re: Loading data
Thanks, this link was really usefull. As I understand from the link though, in order to get lift and drag, I must have FX FY and FZ wall data, which I think I dont because they dont appera in PLIST. Is there anyway of getting them? Or otherwise, is there anything I should before I start running the analysis so that they are stored?

William Blake March 6, 2006 14:54

Re: Loading data
Analysis Output -- Additional Output Data -- Shear Force

Konstantinos March 6, 2006 15:49

Re: Loading data
Thanks, one last thing though, does this get the data after the processing or should I chose it before running prostar so that i has them at the end?

William Blake March 6, 2006 18:22

Re: Loading data
You need to calculate at least one more iteration to get the data.

zisper March 6, 2006 20:07

Re: Loading data
Actually, you can run it re-run it for 0 iterations just to get star to calculate new post data.

Konstantinos March 7, 2006 05:40

Re: Loading data
How can I run an iteration withouth overwriting the existing .pst file?

kris March 7, 2006 06:18

Re: Loading data
analysis control -> analysis ouput -> backup frequency setting !

$star -restart (above V3.20 and linux)


edit "star.prob" -> at first line and space, 1 -> 2(restart) ->save->exit(bellow v3.20)

good luck

Mork March 7, 2006 06:34

Re: Loading data
Or you could just make a copy of your post file...

Konstantinos March 8, 2006 06:50

Re: Loading data
When running the analysis, with Shear Force enabled from the start, does it calculate only the shear force or does it calculate everything it normally does as well as the shear force?

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