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Deepak March 12, 2006 11:22

Listing Average Results

Can someone tell me how to list the average values for a plane (inlet and outlet) in star cd. I need the average values for total pressure and velocity magnitude for each plane, and all I am able to extract is the profile.

Thanks Deepak

Zamir Rashid March 13, 2006 09:53

Re: Listing Average Results
One way to do this is by using the command INTEGRATE

example: get the results you want, say total relative pressure (getc all ptot rela) plot to show the contours (popt cont $replo) get a cross sectional view of the plane in question then choose section surface view (plty sect) change the view to normal view (view snorm) Now use the integrate command (inte cset) you will get a table like this (just an example):

NO. CELL TOT A TOT A*VN TOT A*S TOT A*VN*S 16722 1.91743 -.338276 -4.14201 0.717017

By dividing TOT A*S with TOT A, you will get the average value of the scalar in question, i.e. total pressure for this example. Hope this helps. March 14, 2006 02:22

Re: Listing Average Results
If you want something at the boundary, you can "order" these values in Engineering Data (see the corresponding panel)

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