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guest777 April 11, 2006 09:56

script for exporting results
Hello, i want to create 2-dim graphs for scalar quantity in post register against time for particular vertices. I used PSMAP for creating shells and OPER to export. How can i write a script to automat the exporting of data to be read by OpenOffice table program? Or is this possible in PROSTAR to create graphs for data i some register made from 1...N time steps? Thank you very much

Yogurt April 12, 2006 17:14

Re: script for exporting results
look at commands gload, gvalue and sdata

guest7777 April 18, 2006 13:39

Re: script for exporting results
Hello, thanks for the response but the commands are not going to help in getting quantities at sensor points for e.g. as a function of time through a script. I am trying further.

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