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J.JAYA BHASKAR April 19, 2006 22:26

my final year project
how to give the TURBULENT KINETIC ENERGY as the input for my model

Ben Bru April 27, 2006 18:29

Re: my final year project
Do you mean how do you turn on the K-epsilon (K-e) turbulence model? -Thermophysical models -Liquids & Gases

-Turn on turbulence

-select your turbulence model from the drop down list

J.JAYA BHASKAR April 27, 2006 22:23

Re: my final year project
Selecting the turbulence model is ok,but i need how to apply Turbulent Kinetic Energy as the initial condition for my combustion model at the start of compression stroke at BDC

A Student April 28, 2006 20:09

Re: my final year project

If your velocity is going to be very at the intake port then better you choose TELength option from turbulence which requires turbulence intensity and length as input.

By the way what are you working on?

Good luck.

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