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rajesh April 20, 2006 00:18

segmentation Fault/error

I am getting an error named segmentation fault.due to this the system closes prostar window.because of that i have to redo all the setting once agian. how to solve this error

Regards Rajesh

usker April 20, 2006 03:52

Re: segmentation Fault/error
Try to reduce the number of time steps.

Tom April 20, 2006 14:17

Re: segmentation Fault/error
segmentation errors are the result of running out of memory while trying to execute something. It could be that you had to increase something in memory and wrote the number so big that too much memory is occupied. Try copying param.prp to param.old, remove param.prp and start again. If you have to increase memory for some variable, set it as low as you can and continue on.

This has worked for me before, I hope it works for you. I have noticed that very seldom do my solutions work for others.


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