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rajesh April 22, 2006 01:38

Star watch not working

i have tried to use star watch ,but even though the analysis is running in star launch window it gives out an error message saying currently no analysis running in the host machine.

i tried to connect the host machine by giving its ip address but still its not working.

can anybody help me out.

Thanks in advance Rajesh

Jenson "Tosser" Button April 22, 2006 14:58

Re: Star watch not working
Starwatch might not have been developed or tested for your operating system. It is unecessary and a gadget anyway.

Dr C.Bhasker May 19, 2006 02:51

Re: Star watch not working
Star-watch in Star-CD V 3.20 or higher works fine on PIV systems however is a little trick is involved. In version 3.15 star-watch still works but one has to set variables for long-lasting of convergence plots.

Dr C.Bhasker

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