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furkan April 25, 2006 08:33

Export Grid
Hello everyone

I want to export my grid from Star-CD(V4)to CFX (V5). I selected Ansys while exporting my file and star-cd saved my file as *.node and *.elem extensions. When I try to import this file into Ansys CFX 10,only *cdb extansion is avaliable . these extensions are different. What should i do ?Anyone has any experience, please help me.


Ben April 25, 2006 15:35

Re: Export Grid
i would go talk to some people in the cfx forum if i were you

TG April 25, 2006 17:33

Re: Export Grid
I think in Ansys you want to go into prep7 and type nread,filename.node and eread,filename.elem. At least that's what you did years ago the last time I ran Ansys.

allan April 26, 2006 06:58

Re: Export Grid
There is a bug in star 4. One cannot export an ansys grid that can be read by ansys, let alone cfx. It will be fixed in the next release I've been told. Perhaps you could try the patran format, or v3.26


furkan April 26, 2006 10:26

Re: Export Grid
I solved mentioned problem with Star-cd V3.24 . But i used Ideas Universal mode.

Thanks for everyone who interested in my question.



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