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Zamir Rashid May 3, 2006 05:46

Steady state Inlet port flow analysis
Guys, I'm having a nightmare trying to correlate my predicted results with measured data. Basically, the predicted pressure drop across the valves are consistently about half the measured values, i.e.

predicted DP:3-4kPa Measured DP: 6-7kPa

Test case details:

STAR-CD v3.26, meshed using ICEM CFD

Steady State inlet port flow analysis at various lift values


Turb models used: k-e (standard and RNG)

Wall functions: Standard

Tetrahedral mesh with prisms (Y+ values checked, and they seem ok)

Discretization method: MARS

Right now I'm trying to use non-equilibrium wall functions, don't know how that will go.

Anyone with some ideas how I could improve this? Thanks so much in advance.

ekian setyono May 21, 2006 11:47

Re: Steady state Inlet port flow analysis
pls show me about motorcycle's inlet port compeletely

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