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lizhihua May 19, 2006 09:57

Can fc5 run Star?
The linux I use is fc5. It is all Ok when I do the modeling in es-ice and prostar,but it fails to run the star analysis(my model can run on another with a different linux). Do I have to install another linux?Or maybe a new version of star-cd will do? Thanks!

ben May 19, 2006 15:51

Re: Can fc5 run Star?
well its not really supported as far as I know so you are going to have an uphill strugle from the off. You are probably going with one of the bigger systems, suse is my personal favorite and you can get it for free, or maybe red hat although the enterprise version in pricey. Other than that, contact your suport people and see what they say, im sure cda test on lots of different systems.

TG May 20, 2006 11:35

Re: Can fc5 run Star?
STAR is supported on many version of RHEL and SuSE Enterprise but not on the Fedora. If it works, no one will argue but if it does not you won't get any help.

Ben May 20, 2006 13:54

Re: Can fc5 run Star?
This is true, after all it would be impossible to test on all systems and companies arent likely to use open source linux versions, and how can you track a bug if it may be something to do with operating system and nothing to do with the code

PLUC May 20, 2006 17:43

Re: Can fc5 run Star?
The way fedora core work is that you have to participate and develop the operating system to make star run on it (see the web sites on Legacy fedora core project)

lizhihua May 21, 2006 23:23

Re: Can fc5 run Star?
What about running star in Windows? How is it different from the analysis in linux?

TG May 22, 2006 08:48

Re: Can fc5 run Star?
Prostar runs motif through an x-server so the look is just about identical. Windows parallel capabilities (the OS, not STAR) are not up to linux yet but if all you are doing is running on 1 machine, even with a couple of shared memory cpu's its not much different.

model 4 coom block /DCOP304/ May 22, 2006 17:25

Re: Can fc5 run Star?
windows 64 bit is not supported

LoThk May 24, 2006 09:41

Re: Can fc5 run Star?
Running Star under WinXP is significantly slower than under Linux (same hardware). The same for prostar and all the GUI. And I realized that is also less stable (especially when dealing with quite large models). This according to my experience.

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