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student May 24, 2006 13:31

p-v diagram

How should I approach to get p-v diagram plot?

Ronald May 25, 2006 16:08

Re: p-v diagram

from info file

egrep -i 'TIME|PVAV|Volume' > pv.txt

then tidy up pv.txt with awk or egrep -reverse

or "monitor engineering data" on a cell set,

this is only for moving mesh, if the volume don't change => volume of fluid is constant!


student May 26, 2006 14:15

Re: p-v diagram

Thank you very much. I tried to monitor engg. data for P and V. I am not able to see the values stored in .set file. How should I process .set file in order to get p-v dia.

Bunch of thanks.

Ronald May 26, 2006 15:58

Re: p-v diagram
.set file or .ecd file? click on the [?] for help


student May 31, 2006 19:50

Re: p-v diagram
Hi Ronald,

After plotting the p-v dia. what should I do in order to get area under that curve. Is there any facility to do integration in star-cd or any other way?

Please help.

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