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Steve June 8, 2006 10:30

V4 very slow!
I have recently switched to V4 and found that is incredibly slow. I have a model that is ~1.8 million cells and it takes over a half an hour to decompose the mesh and do the geometry calcs. It does not take nearly this long with earlier versions. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Thanks.


William Blake June 8, 2006 10:36

Re: V4 very slow!
I've run a model with more than 3 million cells (tet+prism) and v4 was more than 2 times faster than v326.

Prostar_v4 is a bit slower and "getc flux" takes ages.

dp June 9, 2006 00:59

Re: V4 very slow!
We had faced the same problem with Ver 3.26. fOR GEOMETRY CALCULATIONS OF 2.4 million cells it was taking around 1/2 hour IN 4.0 gb RAM iTANIUM 2 m/c.

Steve June 9, 2006 07:37

Re: V4 very slow!
Did you ever figure out why? I believe the problem has to due with my model. I have ~800-900 inlet boundary regions (individual cooling holes) and the .mdl file is only ~130 Mb but the .ccm file is over 800 Mb.

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