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Ankush Aggarwal June 27, 2006 08:45

Including baffles in automatic meshing(pro amm)
hi, i m using pro amm to mesh a steam transmission pipe with some baffles inside it(because of which i can't mesh it in pro star)......the baffles are floating...i mention the baffle shells during the subsurface creation (as given in the manual) ....but in the end there are no baffle cells created.... when to make the baffles etc.... if any one knows solution to this please help me out.... thanks in advance

Ben June 27, 2006 15:49

Re: Including baffles in automatic meshing(pro amm
what sort of mesh are you generating? If the subsurface and extrusion layer generate correctly you should see disconected vertices in the final mesh where the two extrusions meet, i.e. where the baffles are, you can then just cfind or live surf it. If you are generating a tetra mesh then just use the original surface.

Ankush Aggarwal June 28, 2006 02:24

Re: Including baffles in automatic meshing(pro amm
i am generating tetrahedral mesh....

yes after is disconnected at the surface defines as baffle(which i noticed later) to use cfind or live surf command to generate shell surface there.....

and for using the original surface in tetra mesh....there is no surface anymore after the assembly.....

however it says....disconnected vertices will act as impermiable adiabatic baffles.....

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