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Ghali June 29, 2006 22:25

parameters in proamm volume meshing
Please is there any guide for selecting the Edge Feature Angle, Min/Max Cell Size, Subsurface Thickness, Floor Value and Feature Edge during volume meshing in proamm? I could not find any specific guide in the prostar/proamm user guide and tutorial for selecting these parameters. Thanks for hints/response.

Pauli June 30, 2006 15:58

Re: parameters in proamm volume meshing
Not really.

In general, optimal values of these parameters are specific to the nature of the geometry & flow field.

So the only guide is to use what's correct - or at least adequate - for your problem. :(

The panel should have defaults which are reasonable for a wide range of problems.

simon July 7, 2006 06:57

Re: parameters in proamm volume meshing

Lesser the feature angle you give, more the edges will capture.There are no hard and fast rules of specifying feature angles.usually feature angle will be specified between the range of 15 to 45 degreees.

Cheers, simon

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