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lizhihua July 23, 2006 20:40

How can I calculate the air-fuel ratio?

I am doing the simulation of the exhaust and intake strokes of an internal combustion engine. In the model I use the scalars such as C8H18,O2, N2 and so on.But I still need to find out the distribution of (O2+N2)/C8H18.I tried the "Operate" panel in "Post", using the "Divide" function. How ever the result was not smooth enough, with high air-fuel ratios dotting all over the combustion chamber.

If the air-fuel ratio should be calculated from the beginning of the simulation, how and where can I input it?If it can be calculated during the post-processing, how can I make it smoother?

Thanks in advance!

rajkannan August 22, 2006 00:45

Re: How can I calculate the air-fuel ratio?
hi friends, i need to find air-fuel ratio of an IC engine. please tell me how can i calculate it.

looking forwards, Rajkannan. India.

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