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Emmanuel Resch July 25, 2006 13:17

I know this may sound ridiculous, but how do you undo a command in prostar!?

Pauli July 25, 2006 15:21

quit,nosave prostar glm

i.e. no undo button

Yes July 25, 2006 16:25

save the model before the command you are unsure of, then resume...

save,, resume,,

Kevin July 25, 2006 19:03

Come now Pauli and Yes....

In prostar, there is the recover command. If you make a mistake, simply type recover,,

It will give you a list of all command that you have done since you lasted saved the model. You simply enter in the number prior to where you made the mistake, and prostar will simply follow all of your steps in exact repeat, up until the point that you specify. This has been in the code for atleast 10 years.

Emmanuel Resch July 26, 2006 08:21

i knew there had to be some common sense written into that software somewhere... thanks Kevin

Warning July 26, 2006 14:24

recover commad does not work for all commands, sometimes you need to use VUNDO.

Pauli July 27, 2006 15:08

Sorry, I forgot about that one because I never use it. I resume & then cut & paste from the echo file. I prefer the control - I can leave out all the steps I don't really need.

moritz August 1, 2006 08:37

There is also CUNDELETE to recreate deleted cells, since the last CCOMPRESS operation.

It is difficult to use recover, if you used your courser (e.g. to selcect cells, faces etc.)

If I create a mesh by hand or I have to set up a large amount of boundary conditions I always use a macro. That is the easiest way to repeat every operation.

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