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Ale August 9, 2006 02:38

Mass-weighted average
Dear All,

Could you please tell me what's the easiest way to get the mass-weighted average of a variable (say, temperature) on a plane or along a line? I am a newbie with StarCD.

Thanks a lot in advance,


Oliver August 14, 2006 02:19

Re: Mass-weighted average
I use the following set of commands (eg. in a PANEL, here for temperature on a section):

getc all dens

oper copy 4 5

getc all t rela

oper mult 1 5 1

oper mult 2 5 2

oper mult 3 5 3

oper pllo

inte cset

*get area tav

*get val tavs

*set av_val val / area

Ale September 4, 2006 06:49

Re: Mass-weighted average
Thanks a lot, Oliver.


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