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airfoil August 16, 2006 06:24

Clustering Windows XP 64 bit
Hi there,

I am trying to make Windows XP 64 bit into a cluster in order to run Star-CD. Please guide me or point me to a reference! My Windows box is HP xw8200 Intel dual Xeon 64 bit processor with Windows XP 64 bit. I found that Windows XP 64 bit is actually Windows Server 2003 and it have clustering capability. Please Help!

Ben August 16, 2006 06:45

Re: Clustering Windows XP 64 bit
Well STAR-CD isnt currently windows 64 compatible but when it is you will need the compute cluster pack, although it is still beta and therefore still unsupported. Do the sensible thing and stick Linux on, windows is far less efficient and clustering wise is really tricky. Plus if you have 64 bit cpus linux 64 is well supported and far better established than windows.

airfoil August 16, 2006 06:53

Re: Clustering Windows XP 64 bit
Thanks Ben. The reason I using Windows XP is due to company policy which I can't change and have to live with it. I personally like Linux than M$ product. Back to the question, the compute cluster pack is Star-cd or Windows?

Ben August 16, 2006 16:56

Re: Clustering Windows XP 64 bit
Compute cluster pack is an MS product (at beta level at the moment) I'm not sure how well tested it is or what sort of STAR-CCM+/CD testing has been done on it best as cda I guess.

airfoil August 16, 2006 18:20

Re: Clustering Windows XP 64 bit
Thanks again Ben.

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