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James October 12, 2006 14:23

Solid Edge to Star-CCM+
Hi, i would like to know how to import a Solid Edge CAD model into Star-CCM+ for meshing? What file format should I use?

Many Thanks James

Ben October 12, 2006 14:26

Re: Solid Edge to Star-CCM+
stl is the only one for version 2.2 but I think 2.4 might be able to import parasolid and iges

Tim October 13, 2006 07:20

Re: Solid Edge to Star-CCM+
Yes, V2.04 allows you to read IGES, STEP and parasolid files.

Jonathan Holmes November 1, 2006 09:02

Re: Solid Edge to Star-CCM+
Hello I am also having problems; importing a CAD model from Soliworks (.stl) into Star-CCM+ ( I will be purchasing a model from CAD Browser ( ) and want to import it. It is avaliable in several file formats. Could someone please advise me on the best way to be able to import this model into Star-CCM+ and edit the model in Star-Design or possibly Solidworks. Thank you for any help Jonathan

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