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Jimmy Fox October 17, 2006 12:11

Star crashed with spray simulation, please help!
Hi guys:

I am trying to simulate the spray with evaporation, but the simulation always gets crashed. The simulation is about water spray is injected into the hot air flow with blades in the channel. My seting in the simulation is as:

Transient with timestep of 0.0001 sec Lagrangian Multi-Phase Liquid Films with no Initialization Droplet therbulent dispersion, collision, breakup, momentum & mass & heat transfer, droplet-wall stick, and specify nozzle parameters and injection points

Then I got the following Windows error message:

star326.exe - Application error The instruction at "Ox10---------" (the address is different for each case) referenced memory at "Ox-------". The memory could not be "read". Click on OK to terminate the program Click on CANCEL to debug the program

My Star-CD is version 3.26 at Windows XP. The computer has a ram of 2GB.

I guess something might be wrong with my computer's memory. Who can help me with it?

Thanks in advance!


antony October 17, 2006 12:43

Re: Star crashed with spray simulation, please hel
For spray simulations it is recommended to use Linux version. Windows version has some incompability issues.Swith over to Linux version.... and you will get results.


Jimmy Fox October 17, 2006 14:12

Interaction bweteen spray and walls?
Thank you very much! It seems the cashing is caused by the incompability between Star and Windows. Actually, in most case the crashing happened when droplets hit the wall (or blades in the flow channel). So, I am thinking there might be some problems with the interaction between spray and walls in Star-CD. Do you have any experience with this?


Ben October 17, 2006 15:16

Re: Star crashed with spray simulation, please hel
How many cells does your model have and how many droplets are you injecting? L2P really eats memory so it is worth using task manager to monitor the memory usage make sure you are not bumping into the limit, the problem with windows is all the garbage that micro$oft stick on their that gobbles up memory doing useless things, its why its not a great OS for high memory apps such as CFD

Jimmy Fox October 17, 2006 16:09

Re: Star crashed with spray simulation, please hel
In my simulation, the mesh is about 600k, and there are about 3000 droplets in the domain. The memory may not be a problem for my case. However, I am pretty much sure that the interaction of spray and solid wall really causes problem with Windows. Is is right?


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