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Nikos October 22, 2006 11:22

Structure or unstructured mesh

when trying to simulate the flow around a blade of a water turbine, what do you thing would be more suitable, a structured or an unstructured mesh and why?

Thanks! Nikos

TG October 22, 2006 18:29

Re: Structure or unstructured mesh
You need well shaped cells that have faces that are parallel and perpendicular to the blade suface. They need to follow the blade contours. Whether you do that with a structured or unstructured mesh is completely irrelevant.

Yudha November 9, 2006 19:35

Re: Structure or unstructured mesh
What i did for a foil was creating a boundary layer that is perpendicular to the foil surface (about 20 layers; up to you)(ie. the boundary followed the shape of foil , they call it C grid) then outside the boundary layer, i made unstructured tringular mesh.then the further outside i used rectangular structured mesh. thats what my lecturer taught me.

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