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Chris October 31, 2006 07:30

simulate a cht problem
hello everybody,

i hope somebody can help me with my problem. i have only a plate (material is aluminium) with a temperature of 60C. i want to simulate the heat flux in the air in the case of free convetion. the stream should be laminar. the air is 20C warm. the plate has the dimensons of 0,5m length and 0,5m width. how can i realize this problem with star_cd. if the problem is unclear don't hesitate to ask me questions.


denizen November 1, 2006 02:30

Re: simulate a cht problem
Try to chek tutorials of star-cd. You can find all answers here.

fudge November 3, 2006 15:40

Re: simulate a cht problem
For this star-ccm+ is recommended. You can download it from the support website and it uses the same license. You can define the interface aluminium and air easily. How come you were recommended star-cd for your type of study?

julien caradonna November 29, 2006 05:25

Re: simulate a cht problem
Hi Chris. Assign cell type: Solid for the plate Fluid for the environment Then assign to the plate a wall boundary condition in which you enforce an heat flux (60 - 20)* 15 = 600 W/m^2 You can change the coefficient in a range of 0 - 15. That's all

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