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HSeldon November 7, 2006 18:51

A question about the StarCD mesh
Hi all, Iīm a Fluent user, and I would like to give a try to the polygonal mesh (I think itīs the name) that StarCD does. Can I import those meshes to Fluent? And appart from that, how good is it? I mean, itīs really true that you need less cells to run the same simulation than the standart meshes? Can you tell me the advantages and disadvantages of those meshes?

Thanks for your time!

Sidd November 14, 2006 02:42

Re: A question about the StarCD mesh
Fluent, i think is node based solver. For that you would need nodes connectivity to be 100%. In Star-CD solver you have the option of having hanging nodes mesh. So if your StarCD mesh is having 100% nodes connectivity, you should be able to import it to Fluent.

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