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Radhika November 10, 2006 23:37

proam errors

I am trying to import a .dbs file into proam.

1. It gives me an error that the Database does not exist. 2. prostar says the model has no errors. When I am trying to import the same model proam says non manifold errors. 3. proam did not generate a volume mesh even when I check the close free edges and fill holes option in the mesh wizard.

Can someone help please.

Ben November 12, 2006 05:33

Re: proam errors
1. Are you selecting the right dbs number? 2. Pro-STAR doesn't care about non-manifold edges, pro-am does 3. Don't use the mesh wizard then....

Siddharth November 13, 2006 05:56

Re: proam errors
After loading the correct .dbs file, if you are unable to generate the volume mesh from 2D, saying something like "No-Manifold topology". It means there is some problem with your 2D mesh. It can be bad orientation of cell vertices, or something else.

You should first check with the check surface tool, putting all the options on. For non-manifold topology, shell orientation etc. Many times orientation problem gives you negative volume problem or non manifold topology problem. You should first rectify these problems using the repair tools in Proam. And you should make sure there is no manifold problem, before going for volume mesh generation.

Hope it will help.

good luck.

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