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Rich November 14, 2006 10:34

Visualising an interface between two continuums
Hi there,

I'm an engineering student and I am using STAR CCM+ (version 1.08.015) to visualise the flow of oil in a sump which I have designed. I am trying to achieve a simple visualisation for the angle of the oil when gravity models are applied in several directions.

I have set up the model so that there are 2 continuums (air and oil) assigned to two regions. I have also set the gravity models with the appropriate values.

I have set up an interface between two faces of the different regions but this always remains static no matter what I do to the simulation. How do I actually get a scene which visualises the interface between the air and the oil, showing the effects of the gravity models? (i.e. i am expecting to see the oil squashed up at the back and to one side of the sump due to the applied gravity forces)

I hope you can understand what I am getting at here! Thanks in advance.

I apologise if this seems simple but I have had to learn the program without any tuition!

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