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Dan November 16, 2006 12:35

Errors writing problem file.
Can anyone help me with the following error? When I try to write the problem file in prostar, the program quits, and I get the following error message:

? System Error: ? Bad file number ? CLOSE(UNIT=7,...

All I can think of is its either a problem with my installation, or with the version of prostar I'm using. The model was initially created using prostar version 3.26.039, only I've only been able to install 3.26.004. I've tried re-installing prostar, still have the same problem.

TG November 16, 2006 16:41

Re: Errors writing problem file.
windows, linux or unix system? Also, even with patches its generally not a good idea to go backwards - I wouldn't create a model in patch 39 and resume in 4. I don't think that it is the problem though.

Dan November 16, 2006 17:13

Re: Errors writing problem file.
I'm running the model on a windows system

TG November 19, 2006 10:11

Re: Errors writing problem file.
In addition to reinstalling prostar did you also remove and reinstall the MKS (Nutcracker) systems? I suspect its some corrupt interaction between those two.

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