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RX December 10, 2006 12:33

problem with compiler and LIVCLL
Hi guys,

I am using star-cd version 3.26 to solve moving mesh problem. But no matter for the case provided by star-cd company, or for my personal case, when I wanna run the job, the computor always told me a warning about LIVCLL and a error about Fortran compiler "pgf90". Anyone know what is wrong with this problem? For the compiler, where can I get it?

To better locate my problem, I post the prompt lines for tutorial 11, for which I used the case provided by star-cd.

bash-3.00$ star PNP: Initialized [2006-12-10-16:33:12] Automatic Sequential Automatic Parallel analyzer.

PNP: Allocated "mace-r-ruixu,1" resource (1 process).

PNP: Overload STAR master processor with external moving mesh code.

PNP: Assigned "mace-r-ruixu,1" to STAR solver (1 process).

PNP: Assigned "mace-r-ruixu,1" to external moving mesh code (1 process).

PNP: **WARNING** External moving mesh code look a head cannot be used with LIVCLL user coding.

PNP: Analyzing User coding in "ufile" directory.

PNP: **WARNING** Cannot find required Fortran compiler "pgf90".

PNP: ==> Please check that you have installed the Fortran compiler correctly.

PNP: ***ERROR*** Compilation error in user file "ufile/uparm.f".

PNP: ==> Please check the compilation error messages.

Any response will be highly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance!

Ben December 10, 2006 15:53

Re: problem with compiler and LIVCLL
You need pgf to use any of the user coding, you can buy it from

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