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Radhika January 27, 2007 20:43

xy data from graph plot to excel

I am trying to check whether my model is grid independent. I need to compare the velocity at a particular location in different star cd models with different mesh densities.

1. I tried to specify the coordinates and get the plot along the line joining those points. It returns an empty plot though. Is there a more accurate way to do that? How?

2. I want to know how I can extract xy data from a graph plot (field data) in Star CD to an excel sheet.


Radhika Gundavelli

Kasper Skriver January 29, 2007 03:40

Re: xy data from graph plot to excel
Well you can allways try to use sensors at vertices you specify.

You can then scan values (e.i. x y z, u v w, p...). You can also save to a file, for instance *.grf that can be processed in Excel..

Try the help function in star. "help sens" "help gload" "help gval" "help sdat" "help close"

Radhika January 29, 2007 20:01

Re: xy data from graph plot to excel

I tried the sdata command, but the corresponding .grf file is empty. I see the data in the registers when I say post registers from lists in the main menu.

sdata, <filename.grf>, 6, 1, 1, user

Thats the command I typed in. Is there something wrong wih that?


Radhika Gundavelli

Radhika January 29, 2007 20:42

Re: xy data from graph plot to excel
Thanks ...I got the .grf file

Radhika January 30, 2007 19:54

Re: xy data from graph plot to excel
I am still not able to do the second part i.e. extract xy data from a graph plot.

What I am doing right now is...

1. In the Star Guide: Extract/graph data / Field data

data along a line

line defined by endpoints

cursor select two vertices

2. then I load SV in reg 4

3. Distance along a line

4. Create screen

This displays the graph on the screen.

I need x y data of this graph.

I tried to say create graph file ...but that creates a filename.plot file. which does not seem to be compatible with excel.

Thanks in advance!

thomas February 23, 2007 08:23

Re: xy data from graph plot to excel
When you have managed to get the graph in star cd, you can use SDATA to print the registers to text files. those you can than import into excel.

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