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mic March 14, 2007 14:04

rotay cup atomizer in StarCCM+/StarCD
Hi, i'm trying to simulate such an atomizer. Firstly I imported an .stl mesh in star-ccm where I've done a VOF simulation of the multiphase mixture. In order to know the spray features and to have a lagrangian model, I would like to export the simulation in the StarCD frame. How could I manage that ? I wasn't able to export neither the mesh (both in .stl, .iges) since i had several error reports, nor the whole simulation ( .ccm file). In your opinion, could I obtain significative data, such the spray distribution, particle diameter and so on with the VOF model using an "extra refined" mesh ? I spent already so much time with these issues, i really don't know what to do, please help me !!! :) Thank you in advance...

Ben March 14, 2007 15:03

Re: rotay cup atomizer in StarCCM+/StarCD
atomising vof isn't practical unless you have a few hundred cpu's available you would need to have a mesh fine enough to capture each droplet plus LES to accurately capture the atomisation itself. If you have a fair bit of computer power you may just be able to model the atomiser on its own you will need a lot of cells and LES, you could then feed the lagrangian model with the corresponding VOF data, but it's not going to be easy...

Lagrangian is your only real option and that at the moment means STAR-CD. You should be able to export the CCM+ volume mesh using a ccm file.

mic March 22, 2007 20:48

Re: rotay cup atomizer in StarCCM+/StarCD
thank you ben, i really can't find how to import che ccm file in star cd, and i haven't found anything on the guide... i'm running it on windows, with the GUI interface. how can i succed ? thx, mic

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