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Syed Mohammed Qamar Hasnain March 20, 2007 07:17

Transient flow convergence problems

My name is Mohammed Hasnain, and I trying to model blood flow through the iliac bifurcation. This geometry involves having one inlet and two pressure outlets. I modelling blood flow as being transient, entering in a velocity input at the inlet in table form where V is dependant upon time. One cycle is approximately 1 second and I am running the flow for 5 seconds. The problem is that my residual converge after 1 second, but velocity plots only appear at 5 seconds. The input velocity are in the order of 10^-1 m/s. I have even tried a variable time step that is governed by the average courant number which I have set between 10 and 100. Please can someone help me. Thank you.

Regards, Mohammed Hasnain

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