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Subhadeep Gan March 30, 2007 11:39

Spanwise average in StarCCM+

I am using StarCCM+ to simulate a 3D hump problem. I have a converged solution of a steady RANS.

I have experimental results of specific x-locations where velocity u has been plotted with respect to y. So what I want to do is this.

At a specific x location have spanwise average of u-velocity at every y-location. My grid is structured so y-values at every spanwise plane is same.

I am able to create a contour plot of u-velocity using DerivedPart -> Plane Section but can't seem to get a hang of how to creare u(spanwise average) versus y at specific x locations.

When I try area average it takes the average of every point in the plane and gives one number as the result.

Thanks in advance,


Ben March 31, 2007 07:37

Re: Spanwise average in StarCCM+
How about a line probe or a series of points?

Subhadeep March 31, 2007 09:00

Re: Spanwise average in StarCCM+
That's what I am looking at like the mid plane but still statistically would be best to do a spanwise average.



Mclaren April 12, 2007 20:46

Re: Spanwise average in StarCCM+
Maybe you can find an answer in the HELP Documentation of CCM+

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