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azmir April 2, 2007 21:11

pro-am stuck
Has anyone else experienced their Pro-AM stuck? I mean say u set your processes "complete" in mesh wizard then u go home and hope that it will run overnight. But when u come back next morning it was stuck in 2nd step. However, the same template processes have been done many times before (during office hours) and the whole thing should complete in 1 hour. So why was it stuck for more than 12 hours?

Earlier suggestions have been to adjust screen saver and monitor hibernating.. but still this problem occurs.

Tom April 3, 2007 09:21

Re: pro-am stuck
I seldom use the mesh wizard, but the few times that I have this has happened to me. The problem was an error in the surface that the wizard could not resolve. I had to either fix it by hand myself and then restart the wizard, or go back to the beginning surface and find the cad error. Tom

azmir April 4, 2007 07:49

Re: pro-am stuck
INtesresting. In my case, there is no surface error. All i'd have to do is come next morning, move the mouse a bit and suddenly it seems pro-am gets awaken and suddenly everything can then proceed as it should (without error). Have u encountered this "hibernating" pro-am case? I'm sure I didn't put the hibernation for montor or power of my PC ON, as earlier advised by someone.

Joan April 4, 2007 17:44

Re: pro-am stuck
Hi azmir, I thought that by now everybody knows, that pro-STAR acts in that way. Try a "BATCH ON" on the pro-STAR console before you start your process.


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