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sidd April 18, 2007 09:53

Axial Fan flow Meshing
Hello Everybody,

Can somebody suggest me what kind of meshing is good for simulating Axial-Fans Flow, hex-dominant or tetra mesh with primatic layers. And which regions i need to keep mesh refinements, and how can i decide my cells size?

Thanks in Advance

thomas April 19, 2007 18:22

Re: Axial Fan flow Meshing
Prefer Hex-mesh if possible for the rotating fan part! Refinemented mesh will be needed in the gaps between the rotor of the fan and the casing!

good luck, thomas

Pauli April 19, 2007 18:26

Re: Axial Fan flow Meshing
Hex - tets are evil!

sidd April 20, 2007 03:32

Re: Axial Fan flow Meshing
Thanks for the suggestions, i will try.

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