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Jonathan Holmes April 28, 2007 11:28

Creating an animation
Hello all!

I have just created a wind tunnel simulation in Star-CCM+ and would appreciate some help getting an animation. As far as I know, once I have set a scalar displayer and a path name, several images should be created to compile: to make a video. Does the simulation need to be run again?

Does anyone have any experience with this topic?

Many thanks, Jono

Ben April 28, 2007 11:47

Re: Creating an animation
Is it a transient sim?

Jonathan Holmes April 29, 2007 08:53

Re: Creating an animation

Ben April 29, 2007 09:24

Re: Creating an animation
You will need to run the sim again then, in the scene(s) you want to export you can turn on export to file and change the update to what you want. I am afraid I can't quite remember which folder in the scene the output is but it isn't too hard to find...

shashank April 30, 2007 16:48

Re: Creating an animation
you must write a .pstt file in order to make a simulation

Ben May 1, 2007 03:39

Re: Creating an animation
Not in STAR-CCM+ you mustn't!

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