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sijin james May 1, 2007 23:04

cyclic boundary
please tel me the method to create and matching cyclic boundary condition...

usker May 2, 2007 20:04

Re: cyclic boundary
Refer to Star-CD Tutorial 9.1

Tom May 3, 2007 12:56

Re: cyclic boundary
It has been awhile since I looked over tutorial 9.1. However, here is a hint that was shown to me by an adapco engineer:

Place a layer of shells on the face you want to place the cyclic boundaries. This will allow you to work with a much smaller cell set and compare them for matching the boundaries.


vinodhk May 15, 2007 12:07

Re: cyclic boundary
Create the mesh such that the number of nodes at the cyclic faces are same and the two coordinates of the corresponding vertices are same.

i.e. for cartesian coordinates, where the planes are seperated at a distance in Z direction, the correpsonding vertices have same coordinates in x and y. e.g., (10,10,20) and (10,10,40).

This is ame for cylindrical coordinates as well.

Then create the cyclic BC by specifying the distance of spertaion. It will be created.

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